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Update Verified Accreditation Status

This request updates accreditation verification status for an individual member. This verification is used in determining an investor's eligibility to participate in Rule 506(c) private placement offerings, though can be entered for any client regardless of participation in private placements.

Note: You must establish processes to ensure that all member and account profile information, including but not limited to physical mailing address(es), email address, phone number(s), financial and employment data, and all other personal information, is accurate and complete, and that you update the Folio system with all changes when they are received by your Firm. Folio cannot accept any client email address or phone number with the same domain name or phone number that is associated with your Firm, unless that account is owned by your Firm.

Request URL

Syntax PUT /restapi/verifiedaccreditation/members/{loginid}
Example URL

Request Data Fields

This table includes the fields that can be updated. Other fields that are defined in Get Verified Accreditation Status, but not listed here cannot be updated.

Field Description
loginId The username of a member. If loginId is given, it must be the same as loginid in the request URL.
parentVerifyLevel Parent-level verification type. The available values are NON_ACCREDITED (“N”) and ACCREDITED (“A”). Please refer to Parent-Level Accreditation Verification Code for more information.
parentVerifyLevelExpirationDate The expiration date of parent-level verification.
subVerifyLevel Sub-level verification type. Sub-level verification can be used only when the parent verification level is ACCREDITED, but not required. Please refer to Sub-Level Accreditation Verification Code for available codes and relevant rules.
subVerifyLevelExpirationDate The expiration date of sub-level verification.
verifyMethod The method by which verification was conducted. This field is required. Please refer to Accreditation Verification Method Code for available codes and relevant rules.
verifyNote A note about verification in a free text format.

Request Example

PUT /restapi/verifiedaccreditation/members/testusername HTTP/1.1

Content-Type: application/json

  "parentVerifyLevel" : "A",
  "parentVerifyLevelExpirationDate" : "2014-05-20T00:00:00.000-05:00",
  "subVerifyLevel" : "C",
  "subVerifyLevelExpirationDate" : "2015-02-20T05:00:00.000+0000",
  "verifyMethod" : "N",
  "verifyNote" : "verified from trusted source",

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