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Get Folio Performance Summary

This request returns the performance summary for a folio.

Request URL

Syntax GET /accounts/{accountnumber}/folios/{folionumber}performance/summary
Example URL,2013-06-01&returntype=netfee

The returntype parameter is optional and defaults to “grossfee” if not provided or not equal to “netfee”. Gross-of-fee performance ignores fees and net-of-fees performance takes them into account, thus reducing performance.

Response Data Fields

Field Description
identifierType The identifier for the level of data provided. This can be account level (“ACCOUNT”) or folio/sub-account (“FOLIO”) level data.
identifierValue The folio number that identifies this folio.
moneyWeightedReturn The money weighted return (IRR) for this date range.
timeWeightedReturn The time weighted return for this date range.

Response Example

X-Powered-By: Servlet/2.5
Server: Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1
Link:; rel="GET"; type="text/html"; title="getUnitValues",; rel="GET"; type="text/html"; title="getPerformanceRawData"
Content-Type: application/json
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 14:31:26 GMT

identifierType: "FOLIO"
identifierValue: "RD5653900903"
moneyWeightedReturn: "2.20067"
timeWeightedReturn: "2.20200"

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