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Get an Item for Attention

This request returns a specific item for attention with a member

Request URL

Syntax GET /restapi/members/{loginid}/ifas/{id}
Example URL

Response Data Fields

Field Description
id The item for attention unique identifier.
ifaType The item for attention type, "NO" -- Notice, "AN" -- Affirmative Notice, "BV" -- Banklink Verification, "MD" -- Banklink Micro Deposit, "AA" -- New Account Certification, "SA" -- Sign Agreement Document, "DU" -- Document Upload, "IA" -- Investment Policy Statement Agreement, "CA" -- Confirm Address.
ifaStatus The item for attention status, "I" -- Initial, "V" -- Viewed, "A" -- Agreed, "R" -- Rejected, "Y" -- Agreed by Advisor, "N" -- Rejected by Advisor, "O" -- Agreed by Other Delivery, "X" -- Rejected by Other Delivery.
targetOid The entity identifier the item for attention is targeted.
targetOidType The entity type the item for attention is targeted, "A" -- Account, "B" -- Banklink.
forceResponse Action is required for the item.
forceView View is required for the item document.
viewsRemaining Number of view times remaining, -100 indicates no limit.
numberOfViews Number of views allowed, -100 indicates no limit.
actorOid Identity of the actor who handles the item.
actionDateTime Date time when item is handled.
readDocumentKey The read document identifier. readDocumentKey contains two fields, documentKey and documentPartnerCode
readDocumentPath The read document path
writeDocumentKey The write document identifier. writeDocumentKey contains two fields, documentKey and documentPartnerCode
writeDocumentPartnerCode The write document path.
startDate The item for attention in effect start date.
expirationDate The date the item for attention will be expired.
viewDateTime Date time the item is viewed.
priority The priorty for the item.

Error Codes

HTTP Code Status Field Code Description
403 The specified user is not allowed to use this request.
404 item for attention with id not found

Response Example

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2016 17:48:30 GMT
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Language: en
  "forceResponse" : true,
  "forceView" : true,
  "itemForAttentionId" : "480376",
  "itemForAttentionStatus" : "I",
  "itemForAttentionType" : "AA",
  "memberOid" : "2666130981338318535",
  "numberOfViews" : "-100",
  "priority" : "8999",
  "readDocumentKey" :
    "documentKey" : "pc.acct.agreement.r",
    "documentPartnerCode" : "WHITE-LABEL"
  "readDocumentPath" : "/WHITE-LABEL/sections/Public Content/pdf/CustomerAgreementRetail",
  "targetOid" : "2522015793262462671",
  "targetOidType" : "A",
  "viewsRemaining" : "-100",
  "writeDocumentKey" :
    "documentKey" : "MD62448000.ACA",
    "documentPartnerCode" : "DEFAULT"
  "writeDocumentPath" : "/DEFAULT/sections/Account Documents/MD62448000/Folio Account Agreement"

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