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Get a Cash Transaction

This request returns a specific cash transaction for a client account

Request URL

Syntax GET /restapi/accounts/{accountnumber}/cashtransaction/{cashtransactionoid}
Example URL

Response Data Fields

Field Description
transactionType The type of transaction, "AHD" -- ACH Deposit, "AHW" -- ACH Withdrawal, "CRW" - Check Regular Withdrawal, "COW" - Check Overnight Withdrawal, "WIW" - Wire Withdrawal.
sourceId The source of the funds for the transaction, banklink oid for deposit, Folio account number for withdrawal.
targetId The destination of the funds for the transaction, banklink oid for withdrawal, Folio account number for deposit.
amount Amount of the transaction.
repeatType The frequency type of repeating transaction, "O" -- One-time, "W" -- Weekly, "M" -- Monthly, "Y" -- Yearly.
processDate The process date of the transaction. It can also act as the start date of a repeating transaction. Follows ISO-8601 formatted date.
repeatInterval The multiple of time for the frequency repeat type, ie, every 2 wks or 3 months.
repeatOffset The day of the transaction based on the frequency, ie, 3 for monthly would be third day of month.
endDate The date after which the repeating transactions should stop. Follows ISO-8601 formatted date
endDateChoice The type of end date option selected, "transfersInfinite" -- no end date; "transfersMaxNumOf" -- endDate will be derived based on max number of repeated transfers; "transfersEndDate" -- explicit end date provided.
iraContributionYear The year that a deposit into an IRA account occurred (ACH deposit to IRA account).
distributionReasonCode The reason assigned to a distribution (withdrawal from IRA account). Valid reasons are "N" -- Normal; "P" -- Premature; "S" -- SEP_72T; and "E" -- Death.
fedWithholdType The type of Fed withholding selected, "P" -- Percent amount, "D" -- Fixed Dollar amount, "N" -- No withholding.
fedWithholdAmount The amount or percentage to withhold (withdrawal from IRA account).
stateWithholdType The type of State withholding selected, "P" -- Percent amount, "D" -- Fixed Dollar amount, "N" -- No withholding.
stateWithholdAmount The amount or percentage to withhold (withdrawal from IRA account).
oid The transaction unique identifier.
repeatCashTransactionOid The repeat cash transaction unique identifier.
sourceDescription Description of the source of a transaction.
targetDescription Description of the target of a transaction.
status Status of the transaction, "PD" - Pending, "PR" - Processing, "CL" - Completed, "CC" - Cancelled, "RJ" -- Rejected.
accountRegistration Account Registration.
cancelReason Description of the reason for cancelling the transaction.
cancelReasonCode Cancel reason code, "8" -- cancelled by user; "99" -- cancel for update; "100" -- other.
createDateTime The date time this request is created.

Error Codes

HTTP Code Status Field Code Description
403 The specified user is not allowed to use this request.
404 cash transaction cashTransactionOid not found

Response Example

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2016 17:48:30 GMT
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Language: en
  "accountFees" : "0.00000",
  "accountRegistration" : "RegistrationInfo-RE04706007",
  "amount" : "2000.00000",
  "createDateTime" : "2016-10-31T15:41:24.050-04:00",
  "distributionReasonCode" : "N",
  "fedWithholdAmount" : "10.00",
  "fedWithholdType" : "P",
  "oid" : "3819052486012302617",
  "processDate" : "2016-11-01T00:00:00.000-04:00",
  "repeatType" : "O",
  "sourceDescription" : "AccountName- RD976060-# RD9760600D",
  "sourceId" : " RD9760600D ",
  "stateWithholdAmount" : "5.00",
  "stateWithholdType" : "P",
  "status" : "PD",
  "targetDescription" : "PNC BANK INC. - BALT-#XX1234",
  "transactionType" : "AHW"

Change Log


  1. Remove the “Description” title


  1. Added timezone info and date format.


  1. Added repeatCashTransactionOid to Response Data Fields list.


  1. Updated Response Example.


  1. For folio accounts on either source or target Id ... return the accountNumber instead of the accountOid.
  2. Rename sourceOid & targetOid to sourceId & targetId
  3. Require that frequency always be specified, including for one-time
  4. Include a creationDateTime on the response object
  5. Documented supported transactionType
  6. Documented supported repeatType
  7. Documented types for state & fed withholding


  1. Updated Error Codes.


  1. Created page.

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