Depending on applicable regulations or business limitations, specific API requests may not be available for your use.

Get a Form 1099

This request returns a specific form 1099 for a member.

A consolidated form 1099 is produced for taxable accounts and details the income associated with that account for a particular year. Our consolidated form 1099 is a single document with sections for 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-OID and 1099-B. The first four 1099 documents are found on page one of the consolidated form 1099. These documents, along with the 1099-B pages (which list security sales and other proceeds) contain account data that is furnished to the IRS and must be included in tax returns.

Consolidated forms 1099 are generally not produced for the following accounts:

  • Accounts with no security sales and less than $10 in dividend and interest income
  • Non-taxable accounts (including IRA accounts which may instead receive form 1099-R)
  • Corporate accounts (Corporate accounts will receive an informational summary document that looks very similar to a form 1099, but does not contain information that is reported to the IRS)

Request URL

Syntax GET /restapi/members/{loginid}/downloads/1099/{reportid}
Example URL

Response Example

[This call returns a pdf document]

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