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Get a Private Placement Subscription

This request returns the information for a private placement subscription for an account.

Request URL

Syntax GET /restapi/accounts/{accountnumber}/privateplacementorders/{privateplacementorderoid}
Example URL

Error Code

Please refer to Error Code for the error codes that can be returned from this API.

Response Data Fields

Field Description
accountNumber The account number for which this subscription was submitted.
creationTimestamp The time when the private placement subscription was created/submitted. Follows ISO-8601 formatting.
discretionary Boolean indicator of the discretionary status of the subscription.
“true” indicates that the investment representative is exercising discretion on the subscription,
“false” indicates that the investment representative is entering the order according to the instructions provided by the client.
fillDollarAmount The dollar amount that has been approved to be filled by the issuer. This value will be equal to the requestedDollarAmount unless otherwise reduced by the issuer. After execution, the fillDollarAmount corresponds to the amount received by the investor.
folioNumber The folio number that is associated with this order. For private placement subscriptions, it will be accountNumber + “02”.

The unique identifier for the folio order that is associated with the private placement order. When an account has enough cash for the a private placement order on the cash required date, a folio order for the private placement order is placed automatically. If no folio order was placed, folioOrderOid is null.

See daysFromClosingCashIsRequired for more information on cash required date.

modificationTimestamp The time when the private placement subscription was updated.
originatingMemberOid A unique identifier for the member who submitted the subscription.
privatePlacementOrderOid The unique private placement subscription identifier.
privatePlacementOfferOid The unique private placement offer identifier.

The reason for this subscription.

Please refer to Reasons for Trade for more information.

requestedDollarAmount The dollar amount of the subscription submitted by the investor.
side “1” indicates a buy order and “2” indicates a sell order.
solicited Boolean indicator of the solicited status of the subscription.
“true” indicates that the investment representative has initiated contact with the client to recommend and affect an offer subscription within their account,
“false” indicates that subscription request has been initiated by the client, either by being placed by the client, directly, or contact made by the client to the investment professional to affect the subscription in their account.

The private placement subscription status.

Please refer to Private Placement Subscription Status for more information.

Response Example

Status Code: 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 11:43:41 GMT
Server: Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
X-Powered-By: Servlet/2.5

  "accountNumber" : "RD4875200T",
  "creationTimestamp" : "2014-03-11T10:28:29.786-04:00",
  "discretionary" : true,
  "fillDollarAmount" : "1000.00000",
  "folioNumber" : "RD4875200T02",
  "originatingMemberOid" : "1729992258171666070",
  "privatePlacementOfferOid" : "2161727821137838248",
  "privatePlacementOrderOid" : "4683743612465315958",
  "reasonForTrade" : "NS",
  "requestedDollarAmount" : "1000.00000",
  "side" : "1",
  "solicited" : true,
  "status" : "I"

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