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Modify Account Permission


This request is to update member permission on the account. The request requires the full set of data listed below.

Request URL

Syntax PUT /restapi/accounts/{accountnumber}/permissions/{loginid}
Example URL

Request Data Fields

Field Type Description Required Value
loginId String

A unique ID for the member who is going to be granted permission on the account.

accountNumber String

A unique ID for the account on which the permission will be granted.

No. If null, use the accountnumber specified on the URI.

permission String

The level of the permission the member will be granted on the account.


See Permission Level. Note that one type of preexisting permission level, ‘AC’ on the account cannot be granted, modified or revoked.

alertLevel String

The level of the alert communication the member will have on the account.

Yes ‘all’ – All Alerts
‘limited’ – Statements and Confirms only
‘none’ – No alerts
Note that a member having ‘AM’ level permission on the account must also have ‘all’ alert communication level.
listOnReport Boolean

The indicator of whether the member will be listed on the different reports.


Request Example

PUT /restapi/accounts/RA1234ABCD/permissions
Content-Type: application/json

Response Example

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 0
Link: <http://localhost:6880/restapi/accounts/RA8087900Z/permissions/foliotest1>;
rel="DELETE"; type="application/json"; title="deletePermission",
rel="GET"; type="application/json"; title="getPermission"

Error Codes

HTTP Code Status Field Code Message Description
400 - - Any unverified member cannot be granted a permission higher than 'Detail Viewer' level.
400 - account.manager.alert.level.rule - A member is going to be granted as 'Account Manager', but has not 'all' alert communication level.
400 - account.permission.for.account.creator.rule - The permission setup of an 'Account Creator' cannot be granted, modified or revoked.
400 - account.permission.existence.rule - The member does not have permission setup on the account.
400 - - Only advisor member can be listed on the report.

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