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Resources: Service Fees

Special service fees apply to account activities that are not a regular function of managing your money at Folio Institutional. If you have questions about these fees, please contact customer service.

Wire Transfers Out

Wiring cash from us to another financial institution. There is no charge for incoming wires.



No charge

Full Account Transfer Out Fee

Applied when you transfer your entire account to another brokerage firm.


$100 per account

Partial Account Transfer Out Fee

Applied when you transfer some of the securities (e.g., stocks) in your account to another brokerage without selling the securities.


$5 per security
($25 min / $75 max)



No charge

Returned Check or Wire

Applied when there is a returned check or wire request due to non-sufficient funds (NSF).



$35 per occurrence

Returned EFT

Applied when there is a failed electronic funds transfer (EFT) request.


$10 per occurrence

Stop Payment on Check


$35 per check

Uncashed Stale-Dated Check Fee


$20 per check

Check Copy


$20 per check

Check Withdrawal-Standard mail


No charge

Express Mail


$30 per mailing, M–F delivery.
$45 per mailing, Sat delivery

Paper Copies of Account Statements & Confirmations


$12.50 per statement or confirmation request

Mail Delivery of Monthly Statements


$60 per year

Broker-Assisted Services; Trade or Transfer Requests by Phone


No charge

ADR Fees

Certain ADRs may be subject to service fees designed to compensate the agent bank performing the custodial services. The fees are charged periodically and typically range from between $.01 to $.03 per share.


The ADR’s prospectus will provide specific information on applicable fees.

Voluntary Corporate Action

Applied per action when you participate in a voluntary tender offer. There is no charge for mandatory actions, such as mergers or acquisitions.



No charge

Charge for Special Services


No charge

Trading Service Fees

Fees to offset regulatory and transaction costs imposed on brokers relating to buy and sell transactions in certain securities.



Adjusted periodically

Mutual Fund Fees

We currently offer no-load mutual funds. We may impose a commission charge for handling these mutual funds. Most mutual funds have early redemption fees and investment minimums. Please note that most mutual funds charge management, marketing and administration fees that are deducted directly from fund assets. We receive compensation from certain mutual fund companies for the recordkeeping, shareholder services, and other administrative services that we provide to shareholders of the funds. These shareholder services include transaction processing, settlement of trades, dividend distribution, record maintenance, and distribution of statements, confirmations, prospectuses and other regulatory shareholder documents.

Early Redemption Fees assessed by mutual funds vary by fund. Please consult your prospectus for applicable charges.














Fees vary by fund

IRA Custodial Fee

For each IRA custodial account we will apply this fee annually, or when you close your IRA if this fee has not already been applied for the year.



$25 per year

Account Statement Alert Failure/Bad Email Address Fee

Applied if your client’s email notice that a new monthly account statement is in their Statements & Tax Records is rejected due to a bad email address. Every month, we will send an email to advisors of clients whose emails are bouncing. This fee is only applied if you or your client fail to provide a new email address before the end of any month in which you receive this email.






No charge

Residual Balance Fee

Quarterly fee applied to closed accounts under closed memberships that still have a balance. This fee or the lesser of the remaining account balance will be charged quarterly.





Note: Other services may be available now or in the future—to see your account specific pricing, login to your account and view Pricing Plan Details on the Settings page. Prices subject to change.