Cash Investment Center

Extended FDIC Insurance

We offer extended FDIC insurance for both principal and accrued interest through our Program Banks.

The total balance in all Retirement Accounts and the total balance in Non-Retirement Accounts are insured separately and are not aggregated together for purposes of insurance coverage calculations.

Our Cash Sweep Program

We automatically deposit money not invested in securities into the FDIC Insured Sweep Program. You have same or next-day access to your funds without penalties, unlike CDs.

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Using Cash in Your Folios

You can incorporate cash into your Folios by using the ticker symbol FDIC.CASH. To do this, you must buy the amount that you wish using the ticker symbol FDIC.CASH into your Folio. Money deposited into your account will generally sweep into our cash vehicle (symbol) and you need to actually purchase FDIC.CASH like a security in order to use it in a Folio. Cash in FDIC.CASH earns the same interest rate as it would in the sweep program but cannot be used to cover new purchases, checks or electronic funds transfers because it is held like a security.

Cash held in a Folio can be given a weight just like any other security in a Folio. For example, if you want to hold 10% of your Folio in cash, simply buy the ticker FDIC.CASH and set the weight to 10%.

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Higher Yielding Cash Investment

FDIC.PLUS is designed for investors who want higher interest rates on larger amounts of cash, with complete safety of capital, and easy next-day access to funds. There is a $25,000 minimum investment to earn interest in this higher-yielding cash investment. Balances below $25,000 do not pay interest. FDIC.PLUS is held in Non-Folio Holdings.

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Important Notes