Ready-to-Go Folios

We publish over 100 Ready-to-Go Folios—investment portfolios of individual stocks and ETFs that you can buy, sell, or customize in a single transaction. View and sort the full list

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Asset Allocation Folios

Leverage the benefits of diversification and asset allocation through broad market exposure using ETFs.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Long-term Aggressive 4.70%
Basic Long-term Aggress 4.48%
Basic Med-term Aggress 3.75%

Bond Folios

Bonds can provide a hedge against equity market downturns and generate a consistent income stream. Bond Folios consist of ETFs.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Global Bond 2.66%
High-Yield Bond 2.39%
Corporate Bond 2.20%

Fundamental Folios

Folios based on fundamental company analysis and weighting, using ratios such as dividends, sales, cash flow, book value and other factors.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Price-to-Book 6.04%
Price-to-Sales 5.04%
Dividend Yield 4.83%

Geographic Folios

Different parts of the world experience different economic cycles which can provide investors with diversification benefits. Geographic Folios provide exposure to developed and emerging non-US markets with ETFs and ADRs.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
China Select 15.46%
BRIC 12.57%
Foreign Small Cap 11.91%

Investment Style Folios

Investing based on equity styles such as value, growth, blend, or market capitalization may be attractive to many investors building a diversified portfolio.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Large-Cap Growth 10.43%
Mid-Cap Growth 8.75%
Aggressive 8.71%

Market Index Folios

Folios of stocks constructed to follow major US Market Indices such as the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Folio 100 9.50%
Large-Cap ETF 5.90%
Folio 30 5.66%

Sector/Industry Folios

Invest in a specific sector or industry to increase diversification or to take a more concentrated position in anticipation of industry growth.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Internet 5 18.66%
Biotechnology 15.16%
Internet 14.77%

Strategy Folios

Analyst Upgrades, Defensive, Low Volatility, and other Folios are available to help you.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Zacks Analyst Anomaly 15.88%
Analyst Growth 11.55%
Zacks Momentum Anomaly 11.55%

Target Date Folios

Target Date Folios can provide investors with an easy solution to diversified retirement investing. Simply choose your expected retirement date and risk tolerance.

Top Performing Folios
3 mo return
Target 2045 Aggressive 3.68%
Target 2055 Moderate 3.68%
Target 2060 Moderate 3.68%

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