Our Values:

We have built our company around core values:

We provide advisors, their clients, and other investors with leading-edge innovation, offering better ways to invest made possible by the power of technology.

We act with the highest possible integrity and openness. No matter what the issue, we do our best to provide full disclosure and eliminate jargon and legalese.

We promote smarter investing by enabling cost-effective and easy customization, diversification and tax efficiency, and by offering highly unique products and services designed to help all our customers become more successful investors.

We periodically perform routine website maintenance to optimize the performance of our website and ensure its continued reliability. As a result, you may occasionally see a posted notification that a particular feature or service is temporarily unavailable.

We generally limit routine maintenance to non-business hours to minimize its potential impact on you. Most routine maintenance is brief, and any service or feature interruptions it may cause are resolved as quickly as possible.

We occasionally perform more significant website maintenance or upgrades that require longer times to complete. We generally provide advanced notification and details on our website regarding such maintenance and the expected duration and service impacts of any such activities.