Reporting: Information at Your Fingertips

We provide online reporting tools, electronic statements, tax documents and much more so you can review important information about your accounts and Folios.

Performance Reporting

You can review how your investments are performing with our easy-to-use charting tools. You can see the performance of your account or your Folios against various indices like the S&P 500, or even against an individual security or mutual fund1.

Portfolio Statistics

We also provide statistics you may be interested in about your Folios like beta, sector breakdown, P/E and dividend yield.

Statements, Confirms, Billing Notices, and Transaction History

We deliver account statements, trade confirmations and billing notices. We deliver these electronically to “Statements & Tax Records” accessed securely through your log in. Plus, the easy-to-use transaction history viewer lets you easily view up-to-date information on activity in your accounts.

Monthly Statement

Your monthly statement shows the month end balances of your accounts and individual Folios. It also provides a summary of your activity, interest and dividends paid, cash balances deposited with each of our FDIC Insured partner banks and other important information.

Trade Confirmation

Each time a trade is placed, we deliver an electronic trade confirmation describing the details of the trade to your Statements & Tax Records.

Tax Reporting

1099’s, RMDs, 5498’s

We provide tax forms electronically to your Statements & Tax Records, making tax time easy and painless. View other tax management features

1. This is a time-weighted performance measure as opposed to a value-weighted measure—details are provided on the site.